About us

VICI Group was established in 2012, founded upon years of experience gained by its board members. In their combined history they were involved in high-volume trade, forwarding and logistics projects, as well as the development and operation of retail shops of various formats; including more than fourteen years of experience trading with Peoples’ Republic of China and other Asian markets. From the very beginning, the company was created with the aim of co-operation with China and other Asian countries. Systematic work, deepening and applying of knowledge of specific nature of the market resulted in VICI Group gaining wide recognition within the PRC within a relatively short period of time.

Whilst initially focusing on the mainland Chinese market, VICI Group’s successes in Hong Kong should also be mentioned, as VICI has become a sole operator of shipments of TESCO own brand for a local retail chain. Thus, VICI is responsible for logistics, product control and coordination of the entire project, both in Poland and Hong Kong. Thanks to very good relationships with wholesalers and retail chains in Poland and long-term contracts with partners in Hong Kong, VICI Group also trades [deals in] a significant range of international brands such as Ferrero Rocher, Paulaner, and Kinder.

Vast knowledge of the packaging industry and an indispensable knowledge of the legal regulations resulted in VICI Group quickly emerging as a leader in the trade in Asia [European/Asia trade]. Although VICI Group operates primarily in China, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, they have also successfully conducted projects in other European markets such as Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Romania.

Specialized in the export of high quality food and beverages products, VICI Group soon became a leading trader in the Chinese food industry. Led by client demand, VICI Group has also begun to export cosmetics and other FMCG products from prominent international brands.

All products offered by VICI are the best example of value for money. Tradition and innovation is what characterize the producers VICI co-operate with and it is what customers appreciate the most. Thus, VICI has formed successful partnerships with international retailers, wholesalers, large hypermarket chains, e-markets and online platforms. VICI Group has in its portfolio not only brands of the producers they closely work with, but have also developed their own brands like ‘Milk Secret’ and ‘Vita Dairy Milk’, ‘Bee&Bee Honey’, ‘Monte de Vita Juice’, ‘Dankis Kids’ biscuits, ‘Gustobella’ pasta, ‘Gustivo’ oil, ‘Amadeo Coffee’, ‘LuvMeat’ ready meals and others, including products for children and infants.

Thus far, VICI Group has exhibited at more than ten international trade fairs including SIAL and ANUFOOD, and participated in trade missions where they presented both their own products, and the producers with whom they have signed exclusive contracts. The board members of VICI are often invited as panellists for conferences and seminars dedicated to the topic of trade and cooperation with Asian countries.

VICI Group is a product development, sourcing and export company. Simultaneously adapting products to the needs of customers through the implementation of innovative packaging methods, adjusting design and the composition of ingredients and recipes. On daily basis, VICI Group advises as an expert in sales and brand development, as well as the assessment of the risks associated with the introduction of the product to Asian and European markets.

The main fields of activity:

  • VICI own brands: development and export
  • International brands export (A-brands)
  • Hypermarkets’ own brands export       

The main advantages for our clients:

  • Guarantee of high quality products that meet the standards of the country to which it’s imported
  • Very competitive pricing due to vast experience and a high volume of sales
  • Control over all distributed brands
  • Continual product development, keeping up to date with market trends
  • Strong financial position of VICI - reliability and stability as an overseas supplier